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This post is dedicated to my dear friend Daria 🙂

Hello Everyone! I went to see her concert three days ago here in Wroclaw, my hometown. In preparation for the concert, I listened to some of her songs and was amazed how many really good songs she has recorded. Initially, I thought I was familiar with “Twist in My Sobriety” only, but I was wrong! I must have heard

“And I think of you”

“Little Sister Leaving Town”

“Cathedral Song”

“Good Tradition”

“Happy Taxi”

“Wonderful Shadow”

“If I Ever”

“Light Up My World”

before, because they felt very close to my heart when I listened to them these past couple of days, on a loop, I hasten to add.

I re-discovered her music this year and am grateful. Do you have similar experiences? Artists from way back you are only now beginning to appreciate?

Happy Friday Everyone, even if these songs are a tad melancholic.

Smiles, Marta.

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