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The Glory of Love

Feb 23, 2012

Hi, English Muse readers! My name is Dominique. I have been an avid reader here for many years and am delighted to be one of the guest bloggers while Tina is in Paris. February is known as the month of love but people forget it can be celebrated everyday. Here are my  small tips on how to make each day Valentine’s Day.

~ Sit Right Down and Write Yourself a Letter

Send your loved one a heartfelt letter in the mail. This may sound dated but words written down can say so much.  Not only are they fun surprises but can be kept for years to come.

~ Order or make a wonderful dinner when you know you both will be free. The comfort of home can be just as special as a nice restaurant and plus you can eat in your pajamas if you care to.

~ Compliment each other on the little things that make him or her special. This may seem like the easiest task but you would be surprised how easy it is to forget.

~ Parks can be very romantic. If you live in a big city you may find musicians playing during the day. Tip the player to play one of his or her favorite songs or just stroll through the park admiring the quiet and beauty.

~ Go shopping with your loved one and get them something they had not seen that you know they would like. A cookie for example can be the perfect item to show them how sweet you feel they are.

~ Pick or buy flowers when you know your loved one has had a stressful day.

~ Snap pictures together. Laptops usually have a photo-booth setting to choose from. What could be nicer than taking some pictures with music playing, fun props,and your significant other at your side?

~ My last and favorite tip is making  a mixed CD. Grab some blank disks and add a bunch of songs that show you care. This can be a  wonderful way to show your love without actually verbally saying it.

Here is my mix of romantic songs for any loving occasion by my favorite ladies of song.

1] I Know You Know- Esperanza Spalding 
2] All of My Life – Barbra Streisand
3] Lovin’ You – Olivia Newton- John 
4] Love on Top- Beyonce
5] In Buddy’s Eyes – Barbara Cook
 6] Thankful- Kelly Clarkson
7] I’m Just In Love- Nancy Sinatra
 8] A Love That Will Last – Renee Olstead
9] Livin’ For Love – Natalie Cole 
10] If I Ever Had a Dream – Nellie McKay


 (images from Archives of New South Wales &

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