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Happy Weekend!


Hello lovies, what are you doing this weekend? With my laundry crisis over, I plan to spend the weekend reading Lisa See’s new book, Shanghai Girls! bliss…xoxox PS: Photo by the fantastic Rosie Hardy. She’s 18 years old and already an amazing photographer. (Her myspace page and flickr pages here.) Her work is not without […]

Folk Art Yard Sale


One of my neighbors recently had a yard sale He sold of some of the old paintings that he and his father created in their garage workshop Of course, I had to lug home the giant matador and various pieces of Mexican folk art I can rarely resist a yard sale, especially one this colorful, […]

Funny Moneygami


Perhaps this is further evidence that I spend too much time on the Internet (if that’s possible). While cruising around I discovered Moneygami on a site called Fun Fever. It’s so clever (although I feel bad for the guy who was made into a potted plant). I think Thomas Jefferson er I mean Alexander Hamilton […]

Miss Liss


I simply adore lovely Liss and her beautiful blog, Daydream Lily. She finds the dreamiest photos.

Laundry Crisis Over!


My dears, I’m happy to report that I have finally finished my laundry, hung up all the coats that were slug over a chair (since December), and put away all my shoes…Although I’m still missing one pair of leopard print flats, I’m ready to face the world again with clean socks!! More pictures from the […]

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