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The death of Irving Penn marks the end of the era of seminal midcentury fashion photographers, according to a fantastic Los Angeles Times story by Emili Vesilind in today’s Image section.


Emili writes:  “Penn, along with Richard Avedon, who died in 2004, practically invented modern fashion photography — a place where art meets commerce — in the mid-20th century.”

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The influence of both photographers — and a group of mavericks who followed — figures prominently on the pages of fashion magazines and books to this day.
{More details here in Emili’s story}

{Also, an LAT slideshow of Penn photos here}

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.  I’m reading the Sunday papers and sipping chai tea. Very relaxing.

Next, I have to do the laundry. Sigh. Another laundry crisis…

(Photo credits: top and bottom photos by Avedon, middle photo by Penn.)


7 Comments on End of an Era

  1. Perfect capture of the detail on that sleeve in the middle photo, while still evoking the glamour of such a dramatic piece. I think too often now fashion photography becomes more about the model and/or the setting than the clothing itself. I've seen many editorials in which you can barely make out any detail of the garments at all.

  2. Art & commerce is hard to mingle most of the times…but when they do, it's simply gloriousss…even magical! Have a fabulous week Tina darling! xo*

  3. the pictures are classic beautiful. i hope you had a great sunday…mine was a laundry filled day as well!

  4. They're both incredible. I visited the ICP in NY a few months ago for the Avedon exhibit. I'm so smitten by his work….looking at it makes me feel like I'm taking a "History of Modern Couture" class…the glamour, oh the glamour!