So clever. I wonder what’s in the second box…


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  1. Magic! Yes, i wonder what's in second box, too! In the first.. a storm.. In the second.. a beautiful rainbow? Maybe a dancing carousel? :-)

  2. How creative! I love the thought of containing such things inside lovely little boxes. If only life were so simple!

  3. it is lovely!

    I featured the cloud society on my post yesterday…did you change the address of the blog?

  4. that was amazing! i was captivated the whole time…im wondering what is in the 2nd box too- to be continued!:)

  5. So creative! All these stop motion videos I've been coming across lately has made me want to make one of my own!

  6. how wonderful and unexpected!! I think the second box must contain a kenyan wildebeest migration!! xoxo

  7. Is great! I wonder too what's in the second box. Maybe another storm, or a sunny day in the filds.
    If you find the video please share it :)

    It's amazing!