This photo, taken by Thomas Shahan, is one of the most beautiful pictures of the Milky Way that I’ve ever seen.  It’s magical.  Have you ever stayed up half the night just to watch the stars and planets move across the sky?  I did it once on a moonless night at Yosemite, with a group of astronomers. It was freezing cold, but we counted over 20 shooting stars and a half dozen satellites. It’s one of the best shows on earth, and completely free…


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  1. It is something love to do… I usually cant sleep at night and watch the stars from my bedroom wndow. Or sometimes I will sit on my door step and keep my eyes fixed on the sky!
    The photo is lovely

  2. OH wow! Lucky you! That sounds fantastic! I was once in Yosemite but it was summer camp and all I did was east smores and sing campfire songs…beautiful photo though! x LZ

  3. I saw the stars this summer at the Grand Canyon. There are some really incredible pictures of the Milky Way taken with radio telescopes that allow you to see the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy just glowing. (I have a bit of an astrophysics background.) The universe is so incredible and so large, it's just astounding.

  4. oooh, have done any stargazing as of late seeing as i'm in a city, but when i was living in the countryside i was in awe of it every night

  5. This is an extroardinary picture. When I flew for an airline there was a cold night we were headed towards Portland and for some reason the Aurora Borealis was very visable ( like I heard later all the way down to Texas )It was like we were so close to it and with all the stars they looked like snow. So everyone in the plane turned their lights off… Thanks, I hadn't thought of that in years.

  6. my grandmother used to work for the jet propulsion lab and i grew up being completely fascinated by stars and planets and space and the night sky. i love saving photos like this to a folder on my computer and posting them from time to time… it's an amazing reminder of how incredible and gorgeous this universe is!

  7. Unfortunately, living in this dusty, desert of a city we don't get any starry skies. I grew up in rural Australia, and am used to spending countless nights in the backgarden staring at the stars – I miss that

  8. Yeah! So funny I just did tonight.
    I am at my parents house in the countryside and
    its amazing how many stars you can see here
    outside the city, its so much darker during the night.
    And: I saw an shooting star!!! Of course I made a wish. Fingers crosses it will come true.