Month: January 2010

Paris Papers & Ribbons

paris flea market treasures
paris flea market treasures
paris flea market treasures
paris flea market treasures

Most of the paper treasures — excluding the my spent Metro tickets – were found at the Porte de Vanves Flea Market. (Thank you for suggesting it!) It made for a lovely Sunday morning. Afterwards, I had a croque-monsieur and a hot chocolate at a nearby cafe…

I only have one day left in Paris before I head back to LA. Sigh…

PS: Thank you Kevin for the mention today on LA Observed. Even after a terrible trauma, a girl must go on living her life, you know? Off to have macarons at Laduree on the Champ Elysees.


I’ve counted three: One at the Eiffel Tower, one at the Louvre and one at the Hotel de Ville. Any others? I don’t think the French invented them, but they certainly have perfected them — like the amusement park equivalent of the macaron!

Louvre & the Musée D’Orsay


My dears, here are a couple more photos I took today while wandering around Paris. These were taken with my iPhone. I took even more with my Polaroid camera (6 packets!) — which seemed to cause a lot of attention. I looked like such a tourist, apparently, that three people tried to scam me by claiming they found my “lost ring.” I knew it was a scam because most of my jewelry involves rhinestones.

Anyway, the top photo is of the Louvre. The bottom photo is a picture of one of the glass canopies at the Musée D’Orsay, such a magical place…

Musée D'orsay

More tomorrow!

Paris Open-Air Market

paris market

paris market

Hello everyone!! I wanted to show you a few pictures of the open air market across the street this morning from my apartment! I bought a bunch of artichokes, which will be so delicious with butter… I’m heading out now to explore the Marais! There’s a little button & ribbon store there that I especially want to see. Will post details later!
PS: I promise to give you all the details at the end of the week about how to rent the gorgeous place where I’m staying. It’s very economical! xo…

My Little Paris Apartment

Hello, I’m finally settled in my Parisian apartment. Except for taking off into a massive thunderstorm in Los Angeles, the flight was smooth as glass. Over the Arctic Circle I raised the window shade and there were the stars glowing three times as brightly as they do over the California desert. After a taxi ride to the apartment, I went out into the neighborhood to buy groceries (and other things with gorgeous French labels). The previous occupants had thoughtfully left a bottle of white wine in the fridge, and so I’ve settled in for a snug evening. Outside my window, there is wonderful street life. Here, even the police car sirens have a special music.

Tomorrow I will have even more to tell you — and iPhone photos of this beautiful city.

Au revoir from the 16th Arrondissement!

For the love of diptych

Hello. Its Liss here from Daydream Lily filling in for Tina whilst she is on her way to beautiful Paris.

I’ve always loved pairing two separate images together on my blog to tell a mini story. Its alot of fun to match the images looking for color tones, composition or elements that will go together. I never knew this had an official term until Tina did a post about a diptych artist. I love learning new words!! and this one sounds so strange, don’t you think?

(featured diptychs by Danske)

Catching that Polar Express

Ok, my dears I’m off! I’m taking a plane that will fly up over the top of the world and down to Europe, landing in Paris. (Winter coat, silk thermals and boots are in tow)! I’ll probably be out of touch for a couple days while I’m getting settled. I’ll see you back here hopefully on Thursday. Meanwhile, my dear friend Liss from Daydream Lily will be housesitting here at the English Muse! xoxox

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