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A warm day in Los Angeles today gave way to this beautiful sunset. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend…

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Happy Friday everyone! What are you doing this weekend?

The Golden Globe are still a week away, but the parties are already starting. I love this time of year in Los Angeles. There’s so much excitement during awards season. I’m going to a very interesting party on Sunday and will give you a full report on Monday!


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Such a dreamy photo by Lauren Treece (via her site, Achromatics.) I love that big yellow cat.

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Off-kilter yet carefully symmetric, I love these illustrations by Anne Higgie

They’re like mysteries penned on art paper.  Especially this one:

Why do you suppose she’s crying?

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Which room do you like the best?

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pink skirt

More iPhone photos. I should just build a shrine to Steve Jobs. Have you heard about the new Apple Tablet? It’s like the Kindle, but a million times better, with wifi and color pictures. I’ll never go shoe shopping again. I’ll just spend all my money on Mac gadgets!

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Have you recovered from the madness of the holidays? I’m glad they’re over. Now if only I could muster the motivation to take down the xmas tree…This morning, I finished reading Madame de Staël, by Francine du Plessix Gray. It was a wonderful little book about one of France’s most charismatic Revolutionary figures, Germaine de Staël. Napoleon tried to exile her. But she always managed to slip back into Paris where she found new ways to torment the emperor, usually by writing books and pamphlets that mocked him. She hosted one of the most exclusive salons around, where intellectuals and artists met to discuss politics and culture. Think Arianna Huffington, but with petticoats.

Now I want to read every book I can find about her!  Hope you’re having a lovely day! I’m suddenly on deadline on a story..will be back shortly. Xmas tree will have to wait till tomorrow…xoxo


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Hello my dears, I’m just returning from a long weekend with family outside Sacramento! I hope you had a lovely New Years. I’ll resume blogging tomorrow, once I get my act together. xoxo

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