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Happy Weekend + Last Paris Post

One last batch of Polaroids…. Happy Friday my dears! Today concludes my series of posts on my Paris trip. Thank you so much for coming along with me! Don’t forget to enter for the macaron giveaway. Will draw a name from a hat tomorrow!! Have a wonderful weekend! What do you have planned? As usual […]

My Paris Apartment: The Details

Hello! As promised, here are the details on my Paris apartment. I found this beautiful place in the 16th Arrondissement last year on the vacation rental site (I’ve also rented apartments in Rome and in Washington D.C. through them). I friend of mine recommended the site to me several years ago and I’ve been […]

Paris Polaroids

From my recent trip to Paris… Taken on a balmy winter day during a walk along the Seine. (Photos were taken with my Polaroid OneStep Flash, bought on eBay.)

Parisian Love: This Ad Made Me Teary…

oh, this google commercial is so good! (Via the beautiful Binary Bonsai…)

Ladurée Macaron Giveaway!!

As a thank you for all your wonderful comments during my trip to Paris, I wanted to give away this special box of macarons — purchased this week at the Ladurée Champs-Elysees store!! To enter, just leave a comment here. The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday! Merci!Meanwhile, a few more Paris posts to […]

A View of the Arctic

Daylight is brief at the top of the world this time of year, but my flight home from Paris took me over the Polar Ice Cap and I managed to catch a view of moonrise and sunlight glinting off the pressure ridges in the ice. From 35,000 feet, they look like mountain ranges. Lovely as […]

Paris Papers & Ribbons

Most of the paper treasures — excluding the my spent Metro tickets – were found at the Porte de Vanves Flea Market. (Thank you for suggesting it!) It made for a lovely Sunday morning. Afterwards, I had a croque-monsieur and a hot chocolate at a nearby cafe… I only have one day left in Paris […]

Louvre & the Musée D’Orsay

My dears, here are a couple more photos I took today while wandering around Paris. These were taken with my iPhone. I took even more with my Polaroid camera (6 packets!) — which seemed to cause a lot of attention. I looked like such a tourist, apparently, that three people tried to scam me by […]

Paris Open-Air Market

Hello everyone!! I wanted to show you a few pictures of the open air market across the street this morning from my apartment! I bought a bunch of artichokes, which will be so delicious with butter… I’m heading out now to explore the Marais! There’s a little button & ribbon store there that I especially […]

My Little Paris Apartment

Hello, I’m finally settled in my Parisian apartment. Except for taking off into a massive thunderstorm in Los Angeles, the flight was smooth as glass. Over the Arctic Circle I raised the window shade and there were the stars glowing three times as brightly as they do over the California desert. After a taxi ride […]

For the love of diptych

Hello. Its Liss here from Daydream Lily filling in for Tina whilst she is on her way to beautiful Paris. I’ve always loved pairing two separate images together on my blog to tell a mini story. Its alot of fun to match the images looking for color tones, composition or elements that will go together. […]

Catching that Polar Express

Ok, my dears I’m off! I’m taking a plane that will fly up over the top of the world and down to Europe, landing in Paris. (Winter coat, silk thermals and boots are in tow)! I’ll probably be out of touch for a couple days while I’m getting settled. I’ll see you back here hopefully […]

It’s 2:05 am in LA

This is where I am: In this little lit room in an otherwise dark house. Too much to do to sleep. What time is it where you are?

Carry-on Bag

Hello loves! Thank you for all your wonderful advice on my ongoing packing efforts for Paris. I’m definitely taking silk thermals and lots of scarves!! I’ve put together a few items for my carry-on bag: The essential map book of Paris (even though I need a magnifying glass to read it); a well-loved pashmina; a […]

Help!! What should I pack for Paris?

I’m trying to pack and everything seems so wrong….I’ve been studying all of Joanna Goddard’s How to Dress Like a French Woman posts to prepare. But still I’m worried. I live in Los Angeles where people wear flip-flops all year long…My darling fashionista friends, what should I pack? (photo via we heart it)

Black Cat in Silhouette

My cat Coco, sunbathing in the spot where I like to take my iPhone photos…

Happy Weekend…

What are you doing this weekend? I’m having another laundry crisis, so I’m dealing with that!! Also hoping to curl up with a new book! Photo by Ly n n ✈

A fever of caresses

As I’m getting ready for my trip, everything Paris related catches my eye. I spotted this today in the flickr photostream of UK artist Fiona Watson, who goes by the name Wild Goose Chase on the photo sharing site. Her collages are extraordinary. In this one she includes a French postcard. She translates the inscription […]

Small things…

…found inside a vintage plastic purse……if only the fortune could be true…

Ellen Von Unwerth’s "Fräulein"

Ellen Von Unwerth is without a doubt my favorite fashion photographer. (Who is yours?) Her book “Fräulein” sizzles! I only wish I could afford a copy. I put a preview up on Sugar Pop Tarts. Take a look! It’s very provocative…

Monday Diptychs

Hello…Some iPhone photos: Everything I love: tulle, perfume, buttons, jasmine tea, cupcakes, foggy mornings, peach colored roses (with a deep smell of musk), and pretty dresses (I took the pic of the white ones recently at the Oscar de la Renta store in LA). Hope you like these! xoxo PS: I just realized you can […]

The Saturday Sunset: Like Pink & Blue Cotton Candy

A warm day in Los Angeles today gave way to this beautiful sunset. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend…

Party Season in LA

Happy Friday everyone! What are you doing this weekend? The Golden Globe are still a week away, but the parties are already starting. I love this time of year in Los Angeles. There’s so much excitement during awards season. I’m going to a very interesting party on Sunday and will give you a full report […]

Black & White

  Off-kilter yet carefully symmetric, I love these illustrations by Anne Higgie… They’re like mysteries penned on art paper.  Especially this one: Why do you suppose she’s crying?

Winter Brightener: Marie Claire Maison Color

Which room do you like the best?

In the Pink

More iPhone photos. I should just build a shrine to Steve Jobs. Have you heard about the new Apple Tablet? It’s like the Kindle, but a million times better, with wifi and color pictures. I’ll never go shoe shopping again. I’ll just spend all my money on Mac gadgets!

Happily Home…

Have you recovered from the madness of the holidays? I’m glad they’re over. Now if only I could muster the motivation to take down the xmas tree…This morning, I finished reading Madame de Staël, by Francine du Plessix Gray. It was a wonderful little book about one of France’s most charismatic Revolutionary figures, Germaine de […]

The Road Ahead

Hello my dears, I’m just returning from a long weekend with family outside Sacramento! I hope you had a lovely New Years. I’ll resume blogging tomorrow, once I get my act together. xoxo

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