Feb 16, 2010

by English Muse

To kick off my week of blogging in SF, I wanted to ask…

…do you think San Francisco is the most beautiful US city? When I was growing up, my dad used to joke that he was going to quit the rat race to work as a trolley car operator. He loved SF above all other cities (including Santa Fe)….

I love NYC and the Garden District in New Orleans is amazing…but SF has my heart…


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68 Responses to “Is San Francisco the most beautiful US city?”

  1. Ann Marie says:

    it's definitely one of the most beautiful cities…in the top three for sure if we're strictly talking about "big" cities. i've been spending lots of time there these past few weeks, and am loving it more and more!

  2. That Gal Kiki says:

    I agree. I grew up on the island of O'ahu, and although the islands are magical, San Francisco is a dream.

  3. Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle says:

    As far as American cities go, San Francisco is the most cosmopolitan and beautiful.
    Boston comes in second.

    Paris is by far the international first.

  4. Mariana Soffer says:

    I guess so, sadly I had to live in LA, I think I woudn t have return to my country if I were there instead.

  5. April@The 21st Century Housewife says:

    It certainly is one of the most beautiful that i have visited so far, although I do find New York very beautiful too. I'm in the Bay Area at the moment visiting from England. We've been here many times before and what a beautiful part of the world this is! We are looking forward to visiting San Francisco on Friday. Hope you have a lovely break there!

  6. celebrittany says:

    looks so gorgeous! i love california. i haven't been out there to san francisco yet, but i would love to!

  7. a print a day says:

    the bay area is beautiful for sure. it's got a great mix of urban and natural elements. i feel lucky we live here πŸ™‚


  8. BarceloMIA says:

    I just can't wait to visit one day! Enjoy!!! xxx

  9. kailee says:

    i'd love to visit one day…the fog on that bottom picture is amazing

  10. Lynn says:

    Yes! Yes it is. With Seattle a close 2nd

  11. Shelley Trbuhovich says:

    i'm an aussie who was fortunate to live in san fran for 4yrs and nyc for 3yrs. both fabulous places to spend your life. but could never get over the beauty of the bay area ever. it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, in my opinion.

  12. Lucy in the Sky says:

    I've never had a good experience at SF since I always toured the area with a Chinese tour group (ahhh don't mean to sound racist! just saying that those tours are usually very rushed. I never get any sleep in the hotel! just in those smelly tour buses). My friends study in the Bay Area now, though. One of them is an art student and tells me that I "belong" at SF. weird! I think I need to take my own tour of the city next time.

  13. Daisy says:

    I left my heart in San Francisco a few years ago..

  14. pearl. says:

    i've never been but my parents fell in love there πŸ™‚
    Pearl xo


    As the famous song goes…I simply must agree!

  16. ida-elevine says:

    I do I do I do!
    No doubt.
    San Fran is the best πŸ™‚

  17. Amanda says:

    When I was in the city in August, I thought it was so remarkable! It's definitely a lot more beautiful than anything here in the Midwest.

  18. Visual Vamp says:

    I lived there for five years.
    It has some nice bits, but it is not the most beautiful.
    xo xo

  19. Chickything says:

    I am in love with San Francisco. It is my favorite city. I am from Los Angeles.

  20. jennifer says:

    I was recently in Sausalito, it is sooooo beautiful with such a gorgeous view of the city & bay!! and of course, Heath Ceramics is there which is a vacation unto itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sara Ballstaedt says:

    that is absolutely gorgeous

    i would be so scared to live there and try to drive up those hills though!

  22. Hillary Heydle says:

    It most certainly is! Have a great time.

  23. Teri says:

    I live in Marin, which is a 15 minute drive to the Golden Gate Bridge, and it still never ceases to amaze me! I have lived in many places, but SF has so many different facets that there is always something new to see! I <3 SF! Lovely post!

  24. Kara Vanderbijl says:

    San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. It's very unique and the Bay Area is definitely one of the most beautiful places.

    As far as cities go, though, I do think that Chicago is the most beautiful. The skyline, the wide streets, the yellow taxi-cabs and the old red brick buildings and the revolving doors… it's magical.

  25. Sarah Jane says:

    yes! it's so beautiful, i lived there for 7 years and try to visit often. it was such an amazing place to call home!

  26. Giulia says:

    Yep. No offense to all cities west of East Coast, but it is the only city I visited regularly for many years of my own free will (with a very crowded schedule & needed elsewhere at times). Otherwise, I choose to cross the Atlantic. It is indeed my very favorite American city. In SF (& environs), I have: fallen in love, healed two broken hearts, made fabulous friends, & more that I won't write here. Also, I include parts of Marin County, especially Larkspur, Mill Valley, & of course Stinson Beach. (Mt. Tam forever!)

    ciao bella.

  27. Taylor Sterling says:

    I have to admit growing up right next to SF means it has my vote! I adore the city.

  28. Alisha says:

    Judging only cities that I've been too, San Francisco is definitely in the top 3, if not #1… I need to put some thought into this one.

  29. Cassandra Marie says:

    I love San Fran! That fog is amazing!

  30. Jessica Druck says:

    This city has my heart forever. I am sad I no longer live there but it was the best year and a half of my life.

  31. Emily says:

    I fell in love with this city and the surrounding area last fall – it is quite stunning! Lovely pics!

  32. Melissa Blake says:

    SF has always been on my list of places to visit. Haven't made it yet, but it looks so beautiful! Enjoy your time there! xoxo

  33. Melina says:

    It is the most beautiful city in the US! I dream of SF! I live in Seattle and I tried to go to school there but alas there wasn't enough financial aid. After college I am moving there!


  34. Daydream Lily says:

    Well I wouldn't know cause Ive never been to LA, Ive only just heard Aussies talk about their favorite US cities and they always mention San Francisco.

    Who took that first photo? it looks like a tilt-shift.

    hope your having an nice time lovely.

  35. texassky says:

    I visited San Fransisco last year about this time. It was very lovely. We drove to a few scenic spots like Stinson Beach, Muir Woods, the Pacific Coast. Of course we hit the top spots like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Nothing compared to the Segway tour we took around Fisherman's Wharf. I wouldn't want to live there. But it is a wonderful US city!

  36. Novelista Barista says:

    I loveddddd San Francisco

  37. Brandi says:

    I vote for NYC, but that's only because I haven't been to San Fran. I am going to change that. This year. Definitely. I'm going to explore and take lots of photos. And I may even have to drive up so I can stuff lots of souvenirs in my trunk.

  38. Joanna says:

    San Francisco has my vote for most beautiful American city. You must go to Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach. Splurge and order the white truffle pizza. You won't regret it. One of the best meals of my life.

  39. Simply Luxurious says:

    There is something special about San Fran I would have to agree. It's a beautiful city like no other. Enjoy your visit!

  40. Rebecca Snavely says:


  41. Annabelle says:

    I don't know why, but I think that NYC is the most beautiful city in the US… in the world? Paris hands down.

  42. michele says:

    I love San Francisco (a close second is London). I lived there, attended art school, and worked in advertising from 1979-1985. I still miss my walks through North Beach where in the span of five or six blocks one could encounter a plethora of multicultural foods and people. Italian capuccinos and to die for gelatos, old Italian men playing baci ball in the parks, provincial Chinese dishes and the wafting smell of baking Chinese fortune cookies, chattering old Chinese ladies on the north beach to chinatown buslines, the countless sourdough bakeries and fresh seafood cafes on nearly every block, and of course lost hours at City Lights bookstore. When I return to the city by the bay I can always count on returning to these faithful places and faces that make San Francisco one of the most beautiful cities to visit or live in.

  43. Carole says:

    Absolutely, SF is the most beautiful city. I visited for the first time last year and can't wait to go back. There are not many places I have been to where I could say "lets move here" but SF is one.

  44. CAPow! says:

    I've never been, but it's definitely a place I've wanted to visit my whole life. I think the first time I saw it was on the opening credits of Full House πŸ™‚ It's on the top of my list of places to go ASAP!

  45. Iva says:

    YES!! and I am lucky enough to call it home!! πŸ™‚

  46. Joanna Goddard says:

    SUCH beautiful photos! i love san francisco.

  47. Mims says:

    I would definitely agree that SF is the most beautiful city. I have been there only once for like 3 days. I want to live there I love it!

  48. Selma says:

    San Francisco has my heart, too! πŸ™‚ Every since I stepped out that airport ten years ago…my heart belongs to this fabulous city! πŸ˜€ No other place could ever top this one off.

  49. Anonymous says:

    While it all appears beautiful … it's tough and quite unrelenting … please visit and dream of what it is you wish it to be and what it is you imagine yourself to be when you are there … it is the perfect place for such … and not such a perfect place to live day-in-and-day-out.

  50. Marisa Midori says:

    It's weird, that top photo doesn't even look real. More like a scale model from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood haha

  51. blinks.of.life says:

    oh wow! amazing photos. Will definitely have to visit one day.

  52. Celia says:

    yes! we are moving there on monday. πŸ™‚

  53. haylie says:

    I know it's just a baby city, but I have to put in a shout-out for Portland,OR, which gets my vote. SF is pretty good, too, though :o)

  54. dawn says:

    s.f. has charm + history + culture + scenic views…it has my vote {but i'm a little biased since i grew up there… :)}

  55. Olivia says:

    I think NYC is more beautiful. The light is better there, and the city inspires such awe.

    SF is beautiful, but it doesn't move me.

    Now, Marin, on the other hand, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

  56. Ann R. says:

    I'm gonna have to agree & disagree. From far away, San Francisco is gorgeous…but to be honest, it's a pretty dirty city unless you're in the very rich parts of town (nob hill & the marina district). I've lived here for two years, & I have to say, I've seen way prettier cities than San Francisco.

  57. Amy says:

    I have to put my vote in for Seattle. The Sound, the lakes, two mountain ranges, beautiful parks and architecture… but then, I'm biased. I do love San Francisco.

  58. Geri Brin says:

    It's pretty but not a fascinating place. would rather be in a less pretty, more stimulating city.

  59. Don says:

    I live across the bay from SF and I never get tired of it! Nice photos!

  60. MyLittleTiara says:

    San Fran is my FAVORITE CITY here in the US. Truly a magical place and everyone can find their mark there…I want to go back so badly. Love me some Height-Ashbury shopping….

  61. Claire Kiefer says:

    I've lived in New Orleans, and now have been living in San Francisco for the past (almost) 6 years, and I think it just might be the prettiest city in the U.S. Beaches, mountains, sprawling parks, hills that offer splendid views . . . I just can't get enough of it!

  62. gillian + whitney says:

    I grew up in Marin and now live in San Francisco and can honestly say there is not a single day that I don't step back and feel greatful for the beautiful city I am lucky enough to live in.

  63. anne says:

    I have yet to find out, as I'm going there this summer, but I can't wait to see!

  64. Ashley says:

    I am moving to San Francisco soon!

    Moving from (Austin, Texas)
    If anyone has any good advice about places to live.
    I would love it!

    jepeuxetsy @ yahoo . com

  65. ashley says:

    oh how i miss this city!! πŸ™ there is something about san francisco that is just magical and definitely a city full of amazing people (sadly where I left most of my friends)- but so much fantastic food and shopping!
    Take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you!

  66. The Photodiarist says:

    These are breathtaking! I do think SF is the most beautiful U.S. city . . . But my heart belongs to the beast of all U.S. cities . . . New York. There's nothing else like NYC (even if she's a first runner-up to SF in the city-beauty pageant).

  67. Sonia says:

    Geri, I completely agree. Lived there for 12 years,and loved it. But left for other places overseas and once I got back to SF, realized that it was quite dull and did not stimulate me. Living in NYC now. SF will always hold a special place in my heart. Just wasn’t enough.

  68. Mario says:

    Very well written article by you! WOW! I grew up just 50 miles from the city and you put me into a daydream.lBeautiful article. Cheers!

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