Month: May 2011

Media Bits

Dada – collage 02

Eyecatching and interesting:

Dueling portraits of Tina Brown: One in the New York Times; the other in AdWeek.

What are your greatest unread books?

A new flicker bookshelf group.

More Great Ideas from Penguin

Bob Dylan is turning 70???

(Collage by Gemma Bayly)

30-pound cat

30 pound cat

Ok, maybe he doesn’t weight quite 30 pounds. This big boy is officially 18 pounds.

We’re still working our way through stacks of boxes on the porch. And my husband and I are having an intense debate: He says we should go to Best Buy to get a new stove; I say we should buy a Wedgewood on Craigs List. Vintage stoves are so charming.

Until we get this settled, we’re all living on take out!

(Pictures of Shoes when he only weighed 12 pounds.)


Dear Deer

dear deer

I took this picture tonight on my way home from work. This young deer was out for a stroll a couple blocks away from our house. (It’s a little blurry on my iPhone!)

We moved to a community on the edge of the Angeles National Forest. It’s pretty common here to see deer, coyotes and black bears (!) walking down the street. A few years back, the town had to form a special squad to deal with all the bears coming down from the mountain late at night to swim in backyard pools and eat oranges and avocados.

Our neighbors warned us to keep our pets in after dark. I feel like I’m living in the wilderness!

Matchbook Magazine, May Issue

The new issue of Matchbook Magazine is out today. As you guys know I LOVE this magazine…but I’m especially excited this month because I’m included as one of the featured bloggers. We were asked: What would you bring to a potluck?
Visit the magazine here!

PS: We’re finally done moving…Now comes the hard part: unpacking the boxes.



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