Sep 06, 2011

by English Muse

The September issue of Marie Claire Maison
has a feature on the home of Léa Bawnager in southern Sweden. The magazine calls it “florilège,” which translates in English to anthology, a bouquet of verse.

The house is filled with treasures from Ms. Bawnager’s store, Affär, in Copenhagen.
(The store has a website featuring a selection of beautiful things that you can order via email.)



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11 Responses to “Florilège Vintage”

  1. How beautiful! I love how she has the bright colored chairs and that old stove is so cool! Sweden has the best apartments! =)

    Melanie’s Randomness

  2. Liv says:

    It’s lovely and cozy at the same time. I could sit by that stove with a cup of coffee all day long.

  3. Any Swedish or Scandinavian interior design has me swooning.

  4. Micaela says:

    Beautiful! I love that translation… a bouquet of verse; really lovely.

  5. Kacie says:

    My goodness I LOVE that yellow door! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I think I might paint ours that color (on the outside)!

    A Collection of Passions

  6. Hind says:

    LOVE the photos, very nice! and I like your new blog layout I didnt read your blog for a while

  7. Natasha says:

    I love seeing articles being showcased where the person has an active part in the “lifestyle” business. It is neat to get a glimpse into their personal abodes. Also, her old stove is amazing!

  8. Emma says:

    I love this eclectic style of throwing different things together. Very Scandinavian.

  9. laurie b says:

    so simple and so beautiful. i want to create such a haven myself.

  10. Sarah says:

    Hello teal blue chairs, I would like to sit on you.d

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