This isn’t exactly the sort of photo I usually post on my blog but I couldn’t resist. It’s really wonderful. It’s a picture of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, like 20 years ago, at a conference. Jobs looks healthy and robust, with his glossy black hair. And Gates…dare I said it? Doesn’t he look a little like Mick Jagger? What do you think?

Here’s another photo I found of Gates:

It’s his mugshot after he was arrested for speeding or some such offense in Albuquerque (my hometown) back in the 1970s. I’ve never seen anyone look so happy after an arrest. What a kid!


8 Comments on Just Kids: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

  1. Thanks for these wonderful pictures. Jobs and Gates – both handsome
    guys. Nice to see Jobs looking so vibrant. His mind and spirit
    certainly never let him down.