Not talking about the weather!
on the 4th day of joyfulness...
on the 11th day of joyfulness...
on the 3rd day of joyfulness...
on the 7th day of joyfulness
on the 6th day of joyfulness...

Photos by the talented
Dottie Angel (aka Tif Fussell) for her
“12 Days of Joyfulness” series this month
on her blog….

Among the things she’s joyful for this year: her partnership with Uppercase Publishing on her Grannie Chic crafting book, Dottie Angel.

“I know this will be the year I look back on when old and crinkly in my rocking chair and marvel at how an indie publisher and crafter collaborated upon a book and how many folks embraced the results, leaving me thankful and joyful.”

I have her book. I love it.

More HERE!

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7 Comments on A White Christmas

  1. Sigh. I still don’t have her book. I’m happy to hear that it’s wonderful, though! I’ll probably buy it soon. It looks so delightful, and her blog has been my on my list of favorites for a couple years now!