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Holiday Hours


Christmas was grand, now onto New Years! How’s your holiday going? (Photo via Madewell.) —Advertisement—

Christmas, Ballet & Tchaikovsky

Ballet shoes

This post was inspired by two hours of listening to Tchaikovsky. It makes me wish I lived in a place where it snows. I also wish I’d stuck with the ballet classes. My posture would be better. Why do the holidays bring up so many regrets?

Ten Ways to Give a Gift Card

gift cards e

The ever ubiquitous gift card has become my default holiday present for almost everyone on my list. It started a couple years ago when I was running behind, as usual, on my Christmas shopping. I just popped into a Vons grocery store and bought a stack of them. But then I was left wondering: How […]

Winter Solstice Longest night of the year!! Always seems so magical… Photo credits: Wild Goose Chase, Liivia S., Laura Rotondo, Vavovi Rec, Lobster and Swan.

A White Christmas

Not talking about the weather! Photos by the talented Dottie Angel (aka Tif Fussell) for her “12 Days of Joyfulness” series this month on her blog…. Among the things she’s joyful for this year: her partnership with Uppercase Publishing on her Grannie Chic crafting book, Dottie Angel. “I know this will be the year I […]

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