May 07, 2012

by English Muse

Hello, another week starts, have a great week! It’s me, Gulfem again. Today, I want to write about quality times that we all spend with our close friends. I am in kind of in the middle of a transition period in my life, as soon I will be done with university and start working for real! Therefore, currently I really need spending quality time with my close friends and reflect on this subject.

I believe, some activities in life are much more meaningful if you share them with your good friends! They are the unique part of your life that beautify even the simplest thing in your life with their touches! You open your heart to them, they open theirs. You share…

I love reading fashion magazines with my close friends, sitting in a couch together, commenting on every single trend and mostly refusing to be part of them!

_ fashion _

I love shopping with my close friends, hearing their inputs, giving them advice if necessary… Every kind of shopping… Apparel, books, stationery, for home…

I enjoy watching movies with them… Analyzing each of the characters, making connections to our lives and then start talking about ourselves, forgetting the movie!

Day 233/365 - Movies

One last thing.. I love sharing macarons with them!


I wonder… What do you like doing with your close friends most?

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