May 15, 2012

by English Muse

Béatrice Coron has an amazing, inspiring story. She attended art school only briefly before spending many years on a series of odd jobs. She was a shepherdess, a tour guide in China and Mexico, a factory worker, a truck driver, a cleaning lady…

When she was 40 and living in NYC she began her career as an artist, a paper-cutter.  Because this was her path to her true calling she sees her life not as a straight line, but as a spiral.

In a spiral different pieces of the story touch each other, often in unexpected ways. In her artist statement she explains:

For each theme, one story leads to the next, and the creation process weaves different layers of our relations to the universe. In papercutting as in life everything is connected.

She works in many different media: steel, glass, plastic, even clothing, but her circles and spirals are my favorites.

My path too has not been straightforward, but it is a joy to see the parts of my life that were not previously connected wrap back around on themselves and connect in unexpected and marvelous ways.

Her work makes me so happy.

Here’s to the surprise of unexpected connections and improbable juxtapositions,

Sarah from Design Flourishes

All images by Béatrice Coron from her website


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4 Responses to “Improbable Juxtapositions”

  1. Hannah says:

    gorgeous! i love how delicate they are


  2. Jo says:

    I really like the spiderweb laciness of the last one and the shadows give it a lovely depth. The little figures climbing the strings are delightful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mariana says:

    These are extraordinary!
    I love her story too 🙂 Thank you for sharing

  4. Katie says:

    These pieces are awe-inspiring! So much detail!

    and I can really connect with her artist’s statement–and your words, too. My path is not straightforward; I’m still winding through the curves and looking for the overlaps.

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