Jun 04, 2012

by English Muse
Morning friends. It’s Lelanie here from of Beauty and Love, here to welcome you into Monday another week.  How was your weekend? This weekend I was pondering what I should write about today. Most of my weekend was spent doing ordinary things, so it wasn’t amazingly inspiring if you know what I mean. Thinking back on the plainness of it this morning I got my answer. The weekend might have been plain, but it was still special. So today, I want to give you some decor tips on how to turn a plain, neutral interior into something special.
This is often a palette that is hard to get right and it has a bit of a bad rep. How do you prevent a neutral interior from looking dull, too boring, too plain or simply unatractive? How can you make the room exciting with neutrals, or do neutrals mean that you are scared of colour? Today I will demistify the neutral colour palette and give you some tips on transforming a neutral room from bland to wow!
Skyline inspiration for a neutral palette from Apartment therapy.
A easy way to spice up a neutral palette is by making use of different patterns. Here a zebra striped scatter and graphic striped carpet has succesfully been paired with a soft linnen coloured occasional chair. The room has a muted feminine quality about it, note the vignette: A baroque inspired frame, delicate glass lamp and romatic hydrangeas. These are balanced by the dark, graphic prints.

As I mentioned last week, Vignettes or table scapes are a great way to add depth, dimension and visual interest to the room. Think of it as the jewellery of the room. The accessories can determine the personality of a space.

This Vignette below, is sucessful beacause of the various layers. Elements are stacked in front of each other to create depth. This emphasises the textures and shapes of the objet instead of the actual pieces. Vignettesd are often a good place to ad metalics. Old books are also always a winner. Scour fleamarkets and antique shops for a few originals. The small things make all the difference.

In neutral spaces texture is a must. Texture is a designer’s secret weapon. The rough hewn quality of this farm style table creates a strong contrast against the smoothness of the tiles. Texture can be found in the grain of wooden flooring, the touch or raw silk, the chunky feel of knits, natural fibre carpets- the list is endless. This is a crucial element in neutral design. Texture creates shadows. This play on light and dark gives depth to the neutral palette, essentially displaying different hues and tones of the same colours- giving the room life.
Note the texture of the carpet, in the paint work on the frame and in the weave of the fabric.
When decorating with neutrals make sure that the space is still defined. Guard against a mass of oneness. Keep seperate and defined spaces, even though the palette is the same. This room has a very basic palette, however, there is a clearly defined dining and sitting area. This is not simply done by moving the furniture apart, but also by adding a focal point to each area. The large glass light pendant over the dining table anchors the space, giving it a focal point.
Another clever way of defining space is by using the back of a couch as a ‘wall’. Use your double seater to break the space. Push a rectangular occasional table against the back of the sofa and use the space to display lamps, art, stautuettes or other objet. Note the use of plants to introduce colour to the space. These can be changed according to the season at a minimal cost.
A feature wall is a clever way of adding interest and focus. It can be a collection of antique plates, art, black and white photograps, empty frames- the list is endless.
Suzanne Kasler
 Here metalic framed mirrors create a striking feature against a soft pink wall.
Suzanne Kasler
Art can be used to create a focal point and to introduce colour to a neutral space. Note the use of the bold print on the chairs.
This modern, abstract piece of art immdeiately draws the eye.
A Neutral palette can still be dark and strong. These schemes are not exclusively complield of beige, white and eggshell. Be daring when working with neutrals and remember the few basics. It will transform the space.
What do you think? Do you feel brave enough to create a daringly neutral room?
Have a lovely day.
Caio, Lelanie.

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  1. This looks absolutely heavenly to me. What a unique twist with the peaches. I definitely don’t take the ocean for granted. I am there every second I get an opportunity.

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