Jun 08, 2012

by English Muse

There are certain songs that come from nowhere and slowly creep up on you. It starts with maybe a friend playing it for you and you don’t really like it. Then you hear it again in the corner shop when you are lost in thoughts and without noticing it settles in your subconscious. Then you go to work and you recognize it being played in the office – you know you have heard it somewhere but no idea where or what song it is. And then you start missing it, humming it, LIKING IT. The song has won. This is exactly what has happened to me with two songs in the last month. Now I hear them everywhere and long to listen to them at home. Incredible how it happens, just like this. When I checked on Spotify, they were trending in the UK, so I assume many people feel like me. Every summer has its song, 2010 it was the XX remix of Florence and the Machine’s You’ve got the Love. Last summer it was Rihanna and David Guetta (don’t ask). This summer, these seem to be the songs.


P.S Maybe it is me who is behind with music nowadays, since both songs have over 70 000 views on Youtube. Haha. Jenny x


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3 Responses to “On everyone’s minds”

  1. liza says:

    We LOVE these songs!!! I turn up the volume and my kids and I sing them in the car all the time. So much fun. Probably completely inappropriate considering their ages but still fun.

  2. Di says:

    I love the first song but have you heard the version by the band Walk off the Earth – it is totally amazing….I have both on my Ipod.

  3. Carolina says:

    The radio wasn’t playing those two songs enough. I bought the MP3s to save my sanity! haha.

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