If given the chance, I would paint every wall and floor in our house white.  Of course my spouse objects, saying white floors aren’t  practical.  But I disagree. I painted a bathroom floor once with several thick coats of white deck paint and it was easy to clean with bleach.  I found the photos of this house (below) on 1st Option recently. It’s the perfect example of  Modern Vintage

I love these colorful fabric hearts mixed with crystal strands and shell discs….

This little clothing rack (below) proves that you can fashion anything with pipes from the hardware store….
I love the mix of turquoise and yellow paint on this old cabinet…

Lovely mix of linens and blankets on this vintage bed!  I love to shop at Ikea for colorful sheets, then pair them with vintage coverlets….What do you think??

By the way, this is my first post here in, well, months…I hope you guys are still out there reading…–Tina

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Morning guys. I am back and ready to share some Monday morning beauty with you. Sorry about my absence last Monday morning. We had a public holiday here in South-Africa and hubby and I spent the whole day building a bookcase. You can read all about our bookcase misadventure here and here.  But today I would love to share a great discovery I made recently. I was browsing around for Pigeon hole bookcases ideas, when I stumbled across a house tour of Brooke Shield’s New York townhouse. Boy, is it a stunner!

What I loved most about this space, is the way she paired a very classical décor style with quirky, personal pieces. Like this Keith Haring heart above the mantel and the trilogy of bunnies by Hunt Slonem, below.

Here she displays layers upon layers of gorgeous photographs taken by some of the leaders in the industry- including images by Robert Mapplethorpe and Annie Leibovitz, propped alongside works by Richard Avedon and Adam Fuss. What a lucky lady indeed to have such great works in her home .I adore that this space looks effortlessly pulled together yet is so perfectly styled.

I love when ‘real’ art is used in an usual space like a kitchen. It adds a personal touch to an other wise functional space, making it more of a living space.

In this master bedroom, the Anglo-Indian tester bed, block-printed linens and Edwardian oil portrait makes for an interesting ensemble.

But my favourite is her Victorian style bathroom. I definitely want to copy those gorgeous drapes framing the bath. What do you think of her townhouse? Is it what you would expect? I was quite surprised.

Have a lovely Monday,


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Morning guys. Yes, it’s Monday again. But don’t worry, I have something wonderfully delicious to share with you, that is sure to brighten up your day. I have recently added a little wooden bench, with woven leather seats to my office. This is a very typical South-African look and we call it a riempie bankie. Riempie meaning leather strips woven for the seat and bankie as in bench. I was delighted to discover just such a bench, designed by two South-African designers, at West Elm!

This bench, called the Source bench, perfectly captures the essence and heritage of the riempie bankie.

This bench was designed by husband-and-wife duo Trevyn and Julian McGowan, from the South African design studio Source. Each seat is made from hand woven leather.

Source and West Elm have done an amazing job of retaining the integrity of this traditional South-African design, whilst bringing their designs to a global audience at a great value. The design is also available in single chairs. Why not use a bench and chair combination in your dining room?

Have a lovely Monday.

Ciao, Lelanie from of Beauty and Love

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Neon bright.

Sep 10, 2012

Morning guys. It’s Lelanie here from of Beauty and Love, inspiring you to grab Monday by the horns and have a fabulously creative day. I have a slight case of the Neons, at the moment. I have seen the trend gradually creeping into the wedding and décor worlds. I was very unsure at first, but I have come to enjoy the fresh and fun element that it can bring to a space. There are many ways to bring a touch of neon to a space. How about using a sing?

I love the idea of a bright neon sign in a classical space like this lovely living room. The white neon goes beautifully with the neutral palette of the room.

What would you say if you knew it was going up in neon? This ‘get some’ sign above the bar cart is a cute and inviting way to get your guest over to the drinks area.

What do you think of neon in a bedroom? The floral bedroom features a major contrast between the soft, floral look and the industrial edge of the neon. It’s a risky move, but somehow it works. I prefer the pink ‘dream; sing in this kiddy room. It really suits the playful air of the space and makes a handy nigh light.

What do you think of these neon signs? Would you ever use it in your home? Maybe somewhere fun, like an outdoor area. Or for a themed party perhaps?

For more ideas and tips on how to decorate with neon, have a look at this Trend alert article.

Hope your Monday is a bright and happy one,


Neonsign1, neonsign2, neonsign3, neonsign4, neonsign5

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DIY: Cabinet redo

Sep 03, 2012

Good morning guys. Welcome to a new week. How was everyone’s weekend? Am I correct in saying that the States had a long weekend? Those are always the best. We celebrated Spring day and the start of sunny days and outdoor living this weekend. Here in South-Africa 1 September is Spring day. I am still nowhere near complete with the house redesign, but this weekend I decided to do a fun project that is sure to ad a brigh spark to everyday.

Last week I spent some time pulling together inspiration and made a moodboard to give me a bit of guidance on my home studio design. I work from home and as a designer, I feel it is important that I have a fun, inspiring workspace. It needs to be super organised so that I don’t miss any deadlines or loose any important items, but it should also have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This is what I came up with.

I found this lovely Westelm bedroom (in the centre of the moodboard) online a while back and I have kept it in the back of my mind. On Friday something just clicked and I realised that this is a look I would love for my studio. I decided to spend some time this weekend to implement one of my creative ideas for this space. The room is in our house but has no built in cupboards. In our previous place I was lucky enough to have tons of storage, which means that I have managed to amass loads of things, necessary and otherwise. I have been trying to clear out the rubbish, but most of it has to stay, so I needed storage space. I inherited a few, shabby old pine cupboards and I decided to convert the one small hanging closet into a gorgeous storage cabinet. I am in love with coral, so I decided to go all out with a bright shade.


This is what I came up with. What do you think? It was great to spend Spring day doing such a fun project, but it could be equally nice for you guys going into Autumn to ad a bright, fun piece to an area. It might just be what you need to keep the winter blues at bay and an eternal spring in your heart.

For more on the cabinet redo, visit the this post on of Beauty and Love.

Have a lovely, bright and happy Monday.


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Morning friends. It’s Lelanie here from Of Beauty and Love. Welcome to Monday. We had a super busy weekend preparing for and celebrating my Hubbies 30th birthday. On Saturday evening we had an awesome, Old Hollywood glamour/ James Bond inspired party. It was fabulous, but it meant that the weekend was way to short and to tiring to be up and at ‘e today. So, to get the creative juices flowing and the ideas generating, I thought I would post a few inspiring and interesting living spaces to get us all going today. I would much rather be lying on the couch than working, but that’s not going to happen. So, the closest I can get this morning are these cool pics.

This lounge has a cool, eclectic style. The gilded mirror, modern chairs, ikat scatters and contemporariness art all ad their own message a feel to this light and airy space.

Cool and calm is the order of the day in this unique space. The geometric carpet makes a bold statement. While the rest of the room is decorated in light, holiday mode inspiring fabrics and materials. The wicker look shown above also makes me long for a break-away. The gilded mirror collection makes an interesting statement here.

Don’t you just love this jewel tone lounge? I adore it. I don’t know if I would ever be brave enough to go all out like this, but I love the combination of the turquoise blue, emerald green and soft pinks. This energetic space is sure to inspire. This look cold be great in a  studio. Maybe I should try it in mine…?

This African inspired space is calm and neutral. A sunny spot on the couch is ideal for sinking into a great novel. The art is what makes this room. A quirky collection will keep your guests talking and your mind inspired.

This vintage chic New York loft is bright and airy. The awesome view definitely steals the show.

Which is your favourite look? I love the African lounge for it’s bright, light colouring and the unique art. But I am still hunkering after that gorgeous jewel tone space. Choices, choices…

Have a fabulous, happy and creative Monday.


Lounge1-6, Lounge 7 & 8

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Morning friends. How was your weekend? Welcome to a new week! I hope you are rested and ready for the day. What did you get up to? We make a major dent in our renovation mission this weekend. We got so much done. I am really happy with our progress. It’s not nearly finished  but at least it is liveable and even quite pretty now. Now that we have done the major backbreaking work, I can actually get to the fun bit- thinking about décor and start to experiment with different ideas.


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Morning guys. Lelanie here from of  Beauty and Love. How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything interesting? We moved into our new home this weekend, so things have been pretty crazy. I feel like I haven’t touched the ground since it all started on Thursday. I have so much to do today as I neglected my laptop a bit over the weekend. So, I thought I would leave you with a bit of inspiration from Catherine’s Sheppard’s amazing styling portfolio, to get you week started off right. I will hopefully be back to more in depth posts from next week.

And these are images of her own, lovely home.

Have a lovely Monday,


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Morning guys, Lelanie here. As an interior designer, I often here the same queries over and over again- how do I pick a colour palette for a space, how do I measure a room, what size rug is ideal? The list is endless, and we all battle with the same questions. I have come across a collection of awesome infographics that will answer most your design dilemmas; with clear illustrations and all. No more uncertainty.


Apartment therapy is one of my favourite design sites. They have impressed me yet again with their super list of design infographics.

These are just two examples of what you can expect. Be prepared to be informed.

Enjoy, Lelanie.

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When I lived in Adelaide, Australia, for a few months last year, JamFactory was one of the first places the locals told me to visit. A beautiful big brick building, it was home to studios and workshops for talented craftspeople, specialising in glass, metal, ceramics and furniture. You can take courses, watch the artists at work, visit exhibitions, and shop for one-off pieces in the adjacent store.

And today I have some super exciting news. JamFactory has just launched a small but oh-so-elegant line of self-branded, handcrafted products for the home. It opened last week and we can all get our sticky little hands (see what I did there? because it’s called JAM Factory?) on the collection via JamFactory’s online shop.

By my reckoning, I have approximately 12 months during which time I can fill my home with a select few of these chic pieces and pretend to all my friends that I am a stylish and design-savvy homemaker, before my baby girl turns into a toddler and smashes them all to bits.

I’ve already picked out six favourites from this line (all rather reasonably priced at under $100 to make up for the imminent smashing), to go on my birthday wish list. My birthday is in October. Hint hint.

What will go on your wish list?

1.    Turf paperweight (Danielle Rickaby) – $98
2.    KINK vinegar bottle (Deb Jones) – $95
3.    Fusion Tumbler (Madeline Prowd) – $77
4.    Aircraft brooch (Christian Hall) – $75
5.    PADDLE Bread Board (Furniture Design Studio) – $95
6.    Husque Bauple bowls (Marc Harrison) – $165 for two

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Gold versus Silver

Jul 23, 2012

Morning guys. How are you all? It’s lovely to be back here today. We had a great weekend. My husband and I recently bought our first house and yesterday I made the first purchase. A chandelier! But today I want to ask your opinion on something else. Where do you stand in the good old metal debate- silver or gold? Which one do you prefer?

According to some of the leading trend authorities here in South-Africa, the sun is setting for silver and gold is on the rise. I am seeing gold everywhere lately. In accessories, furniture, trim and objet.

Silver has had a bit of a short run. The last two years have been all things silver, but now we are returning to the warmer metal. Gold doesn’t have to be uber shiny and gaudy. A more understated look is now the order of the day.

Gold van be used i classical, contemporary or modern designs. It’s all about the combination. Here bright purple give a fun zing. Or you can pair it with white, as seen below, for a classy, understated look.

What about this spin on the muted palette? Add flowers in a bright colour to add a burst of life to this look. It’s not quite as bold as the purple scheme, but it has that special something.

What do you think? Silver or gold? I must admit that I am loving these gold accessories and coffee tables. I would love to have something similar in my lounge.

Have a lovely Monday,


of Beauty and Love

Sources Living room, dresser + footstool (this pouffe is available from the awesome Bohemia online store), Neutral lounge, silver and purple,

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Morning guys. It’s Lelanie from of Beauty and Love, here to welcome you into the new week. I am currently working with an awesome couple. The aim is to help them merge their different design styles and to create a homely space for their family. She loves bright eclectic and he is mad about high-contrast modern. So, where to from here? How about Modern Eclectic? This is a great style and almost anything goes.

There are different ways to get this look.

But here are some key pieces that could help you get a unique, personal look. Mid century modern, vintage and unique pieces work really well when creating this look.

What do you think of Modern Eclectic style? Too quirky or personal- just as you like it?

Have a lovely day, Lelanie.


Lightning Dhurrie, Chevron table, Ice bucket, elephant table, Prints, Mid century chair, map, ceramic deer, side table, lamp, scatter, Skinny scatter, Red scatter,

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Morning guys. Happy Monday. It’s Lelanie here from of Beauty and Love and today I would like to chat a bit about basics and colour pops. When making any big hoe purchase, we are often encouraged to go neutral, plain, white…practical. These items need to last you a lifetime after-all. ;) Eventually, you do tire of practicality and sensibility. And like me you maybe come to regret a few of the more ‘sensible’ purchases. Wishing you had gone wilder? You still can. With a touch of imagination and a small budget, you can transform your basics into statement pieces.

In Catherine Sheppard’s apartment above, she’s jazzed up a white base with green and blue accent colours. A mint green table and a cobalt blue upholstered occasional chair add fun to this chick space. Take it a step further with matching accessories and flowers. Should you tire of this cool palette, you can easily change thins up again by painting the side table a hot pink.

Not in the market for paint or upholstery? Well, a rug and some scatters will also do the trick. Here, to ordinary, white spaces, has been transformed into what seems a bright room. Look closely. Note how few items it actually took to change the space around. In a bedroom, a bright throw, some scatters and a few accessories can do the trick. In this eclectic lounge, a bright ‘Kelim’ carpet and scatters add a fun mood.

There are many ways to brighten up a neutral space. And because the base is so unassuming, anything goes… You can go all out colour, like this patio or Rita Konings small lounge on the right. Here various colours and details have been added to give a vibey, fun atmosphere. Or, keep it elegant like these stunning space below.

Using annual flowers are cheap way of adding colour to a patio. Combine with a few scatters and your old side table and you have a whole new look. This entrance hall is essentially still all white. All Catherine added was the small floral display and two, green glass, lamps stands. These are easy to change should you have a change of heart.


Don’t be disheartened by a neutral space. It is easy to transform, with very little commitment or expenses. And if you change your mind, you can easily go back to the original look.

Have a great Monday. Be inspired.

Ciao, Lelanie.

Sources: Rita KoningBedroom popBoho colourWhite and greenPorchPorch 2 

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Art is amazing.

Jun 25, 2012

Hey guys. Welcome to Monday. It’s Lelanie here from of Beauty of Love. Why not kick today off with some art inspiration? I have hunted around a bit for some affordable pieces. Art makes such a different in a space. Yet, often we feel like we have to go without because it’s unaffordable.  So here’s a nice round-up of affordable, pretty and unique pieces that wont’t break the bank. But that will definitely spunk up any space.

Prints are usually the more affordable. They come in various styles, themes, looks and colours.

Or you can go for something more modern, like this oil on canvas.

This Mid-century inspired print can be cute in a kitchen or a kiddies room. The colours are vibrant and the design is fresh.

The colour combo of the reindeer print is so beautiful. Sun yellow and midnight blue makes such a striking combo.

And these love horses have a great gypsy, bohemian feel to it.

Or what about something like this classic, meets unique peacock print? This is sure to impress your guests.

Use prints in pairs, clusters, groups, on feature walls in a lounge, as an accent in a bedroom or as a talking point in a dining room. The options are endless.

Find these items here:

Anchor, mug, moments, modern, MCM, reindeer, horses and peacock.

Ciao, Lelanie.

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Morning guys. It’s Lelanie from of Beauty and Love here. Today I’d like to share some beautiful fabric and colours for summer with you. I found these gorgeous fabrics while on the hunt for Bohemian inspired prints for a friends new shop. These fabrics has such rich prints and textures that I simply couldn’t resist. I thought It would be nice to do a quick shoot so I could share these with you.

The top fabric is actually meant for Shade umbrellas. This geometric print would look super on a patio umbrella, but could look equally good on scatters or as a cover for a patio chair. This hardy fabric will withstand many rubs and is easy to clean.

The dip-dyed muslin on top is so soft to touch. This fabric, with it’s watery hues in Watermelon, Aqua and Browns, would look super as flowy drapes on a wide porch. The fabric is sheer and would allow plenty of natural light to stream in, while providing some shade and respite from the heat.

The fine tribal print at the bottom is called Chobi, and it’s from Stuart Graham. The neutral, sandy background provides a good base for the colour scheme and repeats the natural browns from the sheer Muslin. The delicate pattern adds interest. But I love the Aqua dots. They lift the whole thing and gives it that something special.


This soft, fresh palette is great for Summer. It could look stunning on a Patio, in an informal lounge or even a home office. We will be moving into our new place soon, and I am saving these fabrics for there. I am not quite sure how or where I will be suing them. All I know id that I love this scheme and the combination of prints and patterns.

Pair these fabrics with hand crafted Moroccan inspired objet, like these delicate birds, or other simple accessories. White candles and clear glass jars will add detail without distracting from the fabrics.

What do you think of these? Do you like the colours and the patterns? What accessories would you pair with this collection? 

Have a lovely Monday,

ciao, Lelanie.

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Morning friends. It’s Lelanie from of Beauty and Love here, to usher you into Monday morning. How was your weekend? We had a great one. It was pretty cold, so we just huddled inside. But it was restful and nice. Today I would like to share two of my current obsessions passions with you. I don’t know where they have come from, but for some inexplicable reason I am gravitating towards Flamingos and Typewriters of all things. Does that even make sense? I find both stunningly beautiful in their simplicity. There are so many beautiful pics of both doing the rounds that I couldn’t resist sharing these with you.

This wallpaper by John Lewis is sure to brighten up your morning. There will be no getting up on the wrong side of the bed with this cheery print.

As you know winter is upon us here in the Southern hemisphere, and Johannesburg gets pretty cold. I am really jealous of your summer. Maybe that’s why I am drawn to the brightness of the Flamingo’s. Wouldn’t a flamingo scatter or print just spice up any studio or home office? Maybe even an outdoor area?

I adore these prints by Cozamia. The abstract design and muted colour takes the edge of. Making this print suitable to use anywhere in the home.

I found this vintage painting on Etsy. It’s so quirky and bright. Give the frame some TLC and it will look amazing.

This graphic print caught my eye- both for the colour and the design. This would look great in a neutral space that’s painted white or light grey. It could even be paired with a pink to make a bold statement.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a card like this? Cute stationary like these flamingo cards  makes correspondence a joy.

This flamingo inspired palette by Design Seeds, is ideal for a Summer table setting or a party theme. The soft ice-cream colours look simply good enough to eat.

I have to be honest that I have actually always had a penchant for Vintage typewriters. Whereas the flamingo love is a new one. They have so much character and seem to be infused with secrets from times past. I always wonder what has been typed on them? When I see one, I get the urge to sit down and write and murder mystery. How quirky is the wallpaper coming out of this one?

This is a beautifully styled shot. Inspiring to. What would you type at this workstation?

We will soon be moving into our new house. (In about six weeks actually). It would be amazing if I could find a mint green vintage typewriter to pair with a  flamingo print for my studio, like the above two images. From here and here.

What do you think of this combo? Too much or just enough fun?

Have a lovely, bright and happy Monday.

Ciao, Lelanie.

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All this excitement about Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee has me thinking about the only other British monarch to celebrate a jubilee, Queen Victoria. Which, naturally enough got me thinking about the Victoria and Albert Museum. They self-style as “the world’s greatest museum of art and design.” I have not seen all the museums dedicated to art and design, but I am willing to take their word for it.

Main Rotunda with Chihuly Chandelier

The building itself is a bit of a hodgepodge, which is fitting for the wide variety of exhibits on display.

The Central Garden

What is most astounding about the museum is not only how deep and wide the collections are, but how few people outside of the UK seem to know about or visit it. Whenever I mention it I get blank stares from my fellow Americans. The problem, of course, it that there is so much good stuff to see and do in London that the V&A often doesn’t make the cut. However, I hereby urge you, if you ever get the chance, spend at least half a day there, it is worth your time.

Godwin Sideboard 1867

Herford Screen 1862

Those two pieces above, the Godwin Sideboard and Herford Screen were designed about five years apart. That is the kind of comparison you can make at a museum this great.

The most marvelous bit about the V&A is that rather than being stuffy and historical, the museum goes out of its way to be relevant today. The collections include art and design from 5,000 years ago and from yesterday. So, in a morning, you can see five of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks, a serious art deco jewelery collection, a jumpsuit worn by Mick Jagger and a cast of Trajan’s Column. The first time I visited my mind was blown away.

Right now the current exhibits include Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1850, British Design 1945 – 2012 Innovation in the Modern Age, and Heatherwick Studio - Designing the Extraordinary.

A Current Exhibit Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1850

If you are interested in hearing more, this short film highlights 20 awesome things to see at the V&A.

have a very proper Tuesday,

Sarah from Design Flourishes

last image from here all other images from the V&A Wikipedia page

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Daringly neutral.

Jun 04, 2012
Morning friends. It’s Lelanie here from of Beauty and Love, here to welcome you into Monday another week.  How was your weekend? This weekend I was pondering what I should write about today. Most of my weekend was spent doing ordinary things, so it wasn’t amazingly inspiring if you know what I mean. Thinking back on the plainness of it this morning I got my answer. The weekend might have been plain, but it was still special. So today, I want to give you some decor tips on how to turn a plain, neutral interior into something special.
This is often a palette that is hard to get right and it has a bit of a bad rep. How do you prevent a neutral interior from looking dull, too boring, too plain or simply unatractive? How can you make the room exciting with neutrals, or do neutrals mean that you are scared of colour? Today I will demistify the neutral colour palette and give you some tips on transforming a neutral room from bland to wow!
Skyline inspiration for a neutral palette from Apartment therapy.
A easy way to spice up a neutral palette is by making use of different patterns. Here a zebra striped scatter and graphic striped carpet has succesfully been paired with a soft linnen coloured occasional chair. The room has a muted feminine quality about it, note the vignette: A baroque inspired frame, delicate glass lamp and romatic hydrangeas. These are balanced by the dark, graphic prints.

As I mentioned last week, Vignettes or table scapes are a great way to add depth, dimension and visual interest to the room. Think of it as the jewellery of the room. The accessories can determine the personality of a space.

This Vignette below, is sucessful beacause of the various layers. Elements are stacked in front of each other to create depth. This emphasises the textures and shapes of the objet instead of the actual pieces. Vignettesd are often a good place to ad metalics. Old books are also always a winner. Scour fleamarkets and antique shops for a few originals. The small things make all the difference.
In neutral spaces texture is a must. Texture is a designer’s secret weapon. The rough hewn quality of this farm style table creates a strong contrast against the smoothness of the tiles. Texture can be found in the grain of wooden flooring, the touch or raw silk, the chunky feel of knits, natural fibre carpets- the list is endless. This is a crucial element in neutral design. Texture creates shadows. This play on light and dark gives depth to the neutral palette, essentially displaying different hues and tones of the same colours- giving the room life.
Note the texture of the carpet, in the paint work on the frame and in the weave of the fabric.
When decorating with neutrals make sure that the space is still defined. Guard against a mass of oneness. Keep seperate and defined spaces, even though the palette is the same. This room has a very basic palette, however, there is a clearly defined dining and sitting area. This is not simply done by moving the furniture apart, but also by adding a focal point to each area. The large glass light pendant over the dining table anchors the space, giving it a focal point.
Another clever way of defining space is by using the back of a couch as a ‘wall’. Use your double seater to break the space. Push a rectangular occasional table against the back of the sofa and use the space to display lamps, art, stautuettes or other objet. Note the use of plants to introduce colour to the space. These can be changed according to the season at a minimal cost.
A feature wall is a clever way of adding interest and focus. It can be a collection of antique plates, art, black and white photograps, empty frames- the list is endless.
Suzanne Kasler
 Here metalic framed mirrors create a striking feature against a soft pink wall.
Suzanne Kasler
Art can be used to create a focal point and to introduce colour to a neutral space. Note the use of the bold print on the chairs.
This modern, abstract piece of art immdeiately draws the eye.
A Neutral palette can still be dark and strong. These schemes are not exclusively complield of beige, white and eggshell. Be daring when working with neutrals and remember the few basics. It will transform the space.
What do you think? Do you feel brave enough to create a daringly neutral room?
Have a lovely day.
Caio, Lelanie.

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Hello! It’s Naomi Bulger again, filling in for Tina on a Tuesday evening.

Once upon a time, in an age before digital cameras or film or even those overhead projectors the teachers used in school, way before electricity, in fact, there was the magic lantern, an early type of image projector.

In the 1400s, a Venetian engineer by the name of Giovanni Fontana created a lantern that projected an image of a demon. Scary. Super scary if you are a 15th Century Venetian and don’t know what you’re looking at. But it was not until the 1650s, supposedly, that the first ‘magic lantern’ as we know it today was formally invented.

Picture an old fashioned lantern with a concave mirror in front of a light source (which, back in the days, would have been a candle or an oil lamp). The mirror gathers the light, and projects it through a slide with an image on it. Then the light rays cross a small opening at the front of the lantern, and hit a lens. This throws an enlarged version of the picture on the slide up onto a wall. Ta da! Big, scary demon in the house!

I saw some of these while I was in Venice last year. Somehow, the air around them still vibrated faintly with magic, the magic that tricksters and charlatans conjured when using magic lanterns to bamboozle their early audiences.

Not far from where I live in Melbourne, Australia, two artists Gonzalo and Lucy have opened a shop called Magic Lantern, with an artists’ studio out the back. The shop is a veritable emporium of curiosities and ephemera from before the age of electricity. Gonzalo kindly let me loose in there with my camera.

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Morning friends. How are you all today? I hope you had a wonderful week and that you feel rested and ready for the week. Today I have Vignettes on the brain, or table scapes as some like to call them. I love a beautiful collection of objet as much as the next gal, and today I am going to share some tips on how to compile a great one.

You love all you little bits and bobs so much. It’s easy to succumb and display them all at one. This approach runs the risk of looking cluttered and un-edited. Rather use the ‘rotation system’. Only display a selected group at a time. That way, you won’t tire of them as quick. Changing table displays is a also a great way of giving as room a quick mini redo.

Display like coloured items together. Tis will make a bolder statement and is pleasing to the eye. It is also a quick and easy way of to add a burst if colour to a neutral space.

Remember, you can use everyday items to create a beautiful display. Why not use a combination of makeup, jewellery, perfume bottles and the like to create a feminine vignette on your dressing table.


Books are very handy in generating height in vignettes. Use piles of large books on a coffee table to transform it from a bland surface to an interesting feature.

Simplicity is key. Sometimes, the simplest of collections can be the most striking. Group objects to tell a story.

Mother Nature is your friend. Potted plants, cur flowers or other organic elements to add texture, interest or colour to a vignette.

What is you secret to the perfect table scape? 

All styling and decorating done by of Beauty and Love aka me, and photo’s taken by Gregor from Gap photography.


I hope you are inspired,

Ciao, Lelanie.

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Hi guys. How are you all? Did you enjoy your weekend?  Today I want to talk about a very personal part of your home- the entrance hall.


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The Perfect Place

May 10, 2012

Happy Thursday, friends!  It’s Katie again, here to dream a little bit about the perfect place to read a good book.

Since the day I came home from preschool and asked my mother to teach me how to read, I have been more than a little obsessed with creating just the right place to read.  It must be near a window, ridiculously comfortable, and pretty, with a table nearby for the essential cup of tea or coffee, and a lamp with soft, diffused light for those books that you simply must read into the night.

I’m severely jealous of whoever has these perfect reading nooks.  My current spot is a corner of the sofa–but once our furniture is out of storage, I’ll have my easy chair and footrest back, and begin building the perfect spot for some great books.

Where do you like to read?  What would your perfect reading nook look like?

[first image from Better Homes and Gardens/second image by Mario Sierra for Elle/third and fourth images by Shannon Malone on Houzz]

*update: the second image is actually by Henri Del Olmo, not Mario Sierra.  Del Olmo doesn’t have a website yet, but he’s done photography for several books and a lot of magazines.  Thanks, Diane, for pointing me to the right source!*

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Flickering Light

May 01, 2012

I have been thinking about light recently. Bright sunlight, candlelight, dappled forest light, reflected light, they all have special, unique qualities.

The most magical light I have ever seen is the light cast from a Moroccan lantern.

The bits of light that spill from them create a romantic ambiance that cannot be rivaled.  Created by patient hands with tiny saws and metal punches, these lanterns are artwork that you can casually hang over the dining room table, and summon their magic with a flick of the switch.


They come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny square table top lamps to the huge round lamps that look a bit like a gypsy disco ball.

Or, for the most ethereal quality, you can hang them outside with a candle and pretend a hundred fireflies have landed in your backyard.

Here’s to a little romance on your Tuesday,
Sarah from Design Flourishes
Photo Credits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

“Firelight will not let you read fine stories but it’s warm and you won’t see the dust on the floor.” – Irish Proverb

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Hello, Jenny here. Puh, what a week it has been. Lots of work and it has been raining every day here in London. I am in need of a colour shock. So when I happened to stumble upon Marimekko’s summer fabric collection while researching a fashion feature, I thought I must share it with you. Hope the weather is smiling at you wherever you are. But if not, I hope the patterns will put a smile on your faces.

How is the weather where you live? Sunny? Rainy? Windy? Cloudy? Snowy?
Have a nice weekend!




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