One of my friends once joked that even if she became temporarily homeless she’d need a PO box just to get her monthly copy of The World of Interiors. It’s easy to understand why. So few magazines capture the British Eclectic sensibility as marvelously as this glossy tome.

An article in the September issue on designer Frédéric de Luca’s Paris apartment is a perfect example. Writer Marie-France Boyer, detailing every nook of the apartment, observed: “(Frédéric’s) charming and welcoming three-roomed flat is full to bursting with a hotchpotch of furniture, paintings, fabrics and colourful knickknacks that give it the feel of a box of bonbons or a treasure chest.”

Have a look:

Frédéric’s esthetic muses: Una Troubridge, the Marchesa Luisa Casati, Nancy Cunard, Colette, Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolfe. Boyer notes: “The last two have pride of place in a photo on his bookshelves. In the decorative arts too, his two main references date from this period: the Wiener Werkstätte and
the Bloomsbury Movement.”

(Sigh. Swoon.)

While I’m writing this I realize that I have to remember to tell my friend Susan the she doesn’t need a PO box to get her World of Interiors. Copies are now available online for subscription and download on
See the September issue here!

(Photos from the magazine by Roland Beaufre).

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The new issue of Matchbook Magazine is out today. As you guys know I LOVE this magazine…but I’m especially excited this month because I’m included as one of the featured bloggers. We were asked: What would you bring to a potluck?
Visit the magazine here!

PS: We’re finally done moving…Now comes the hard part: unpacking the boxes.


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Hello everyone.
I’m crazy about this new decor magazine called Anthology. It was created by Anh-Minh Le, a regular contributor to The San Francisco Chronicle Datebook and Home & Garden sections, and by Meg Mateo Ilasco, who has authored six books, including Craft, Inc. and Crafting a Meaningful Home. The duo have adopted the motto “Print is not dead,” music to my ears! Anthology is printed quarterly, but you can also get a sneak peek online.

Have a look:

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 5.29.49 PM

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 5.32.40 PM

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 5.30.44 PM

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 5.29.29 PM

The enterprising editors have also done this fantastic video:

Print Is Not Dead from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.


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Nurit Koniak

Oct 05, 2009
Hello dear ones!
This is Shokoofeh, here I am again!

Okay. We all love lovely images, and we all enjoy a pretty magazine or a photography book while we are drinking some hot coffee with delicious cookies, right?

So enjoy these wonderful photographs of {Nurit Koniak}:

See you soon!

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Lili Diallo

Aug 17, 2009

Hello! It’s Lori of automatism again, and today I’d like to share a space I love — stylist Lili Diallo’s beautiful Brooklyn loft, featured last year in the late lamented Domino magazine. I really admire Lili’s philosophy of starting with neutrals and then adding colour, which works to brilliant effect in her home. She’s also utterly genius at mixing disparate elements into a beautifully cohesive whole, too. You can have a look at Lili’s lovely portfolio on her website here.

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Domino: Buenos Aires

This story about Maria Noel’s Buenos Aires apartment ran in the June 2006 issues of Domino Magazine. I remember immediately falling in love with this upholstered bed…

Domino: Buenos Aires

I love how the blue reading lamp is attached to the headboard.
Very undesignerly.
The black and white chairs in this photo below are wonderful….

Domino: Buenos Aires

This little settee with the grouping of old Japanese prints is lovely. (I love settees, maybe because I’ve spent so many years living in small spaces in expensive Los Angeles.)

Domino: Buenos Aires

And here’s Domino’s Buenos Aires shopping guide.

Domino: Buenos Aires

The San Telmo neighborhood looks so charming!

Domino: Buenos Aires

I’ve been enjoying revisiting my old issues of Domino here on Sundays. Today’s post was especially a welcome distraction. I’m facing a major decision this week regarding my father, who was recently diagnosed with a terrible bone marrow disease.

I will keep you posted. I promise.

(Just click the photos above if you want to see them large on my Flickr page! All the credits are there as well.)

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domino favorite: black white and cool all over

I love this photo of black and white treasures displayed against a dark gray wall. (Check out the little black dress and white sweater, upper right!)

A Domino Favorite: Black and White

This series of photos appeared in the December 2005 issue of Domino magazine as part of an article, “Black and White and Cool All Over”…

A Domino Favorite: Black and White and cool all over

I especially love the black chandelier….

Domino Magazine: Black and White

And the curtain tied back with a black grosgrain ribbon. (Also cute shoes and cat!)

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Credits: photos by Mikkel Vang, styling by Christine Rudolph.

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Domino: Carolina Herrera Jr.

I love this article about Carolina Jr.’s Madrid apartment

Domino: Carolina Herrera Jr.

It appeared in the Domino premiere issue, Spring/Summer 2005

Domino: Carolina Herrera Jr.

I adore the blackboard, the Moroccan mirror, the antique Suzani, the red tupils. And the vintage copy of Kenneth Tynan’s Bull Fever…

Domino: Carolina Herrera Jr.

The settee as bed footboard is so clever.

Domino: Carolina Herrera Jr.

And look at this fantastic bathroom. The clawfoot tub is wonderful amid the antiques.

Domino: Carolina Herrera Jr.

And here’s Carolina’s shopping guide to Madrid:

Domino: Carolina Herrera Jr.

I’d love to spend an afternoon at the Rastro flea market!

Click photos to see them large on my flickr page. I’m hoping to post Domino articles every Sunday. You can visit last week’s feature {here}. xo

PS: Speaking of shopping, I wanted to mention that my friend Tina Tarnoff is having a sale on her wonderful papercut silhouettes in her Etsy store. Buy one, get one free! (For two days only).


Sale ends tomorrow night. Here’s the {link}!

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Domino: secondhand (love) story

I’ve been organizing my magazines this weekend — finally finding all my old Dominos. I rediscovered this article that I loved so much when it came out in March 2007

Domino: secondhand (love) story

It’s a fantastic piece about a Portland, ME, couple’s quest for quirky, mostly vintage, things…

Domino: secondhand (love) story

I adore the colorful patchwork of pillows…and this amazing closet with old paper lanterns…

Domino: secondhand (love) story

I’ve posted the entire article on my flickr page, in large form if you want to read it. I’m hoping to turn my Domino revisits into a Sunday series here. What do you think?

PS. Article Credits: Photos by James Merrell, styling by Ashley Sargent and text by Brooke Williams.

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Feb 22, 2009




Hello everyone, I spent the day trying to organize the millions of magazines in my work studio. It’s a task that will never be finished. I always get distracted and end up sitting on the floor reading. I found an old issue of Australian Vogue Living from two years ago. As I flipped through the pages I instantly remembered why I bought it: It was for these photos (above), of Linda Gregoriou’s home in Sydney. The objets in the top photo are beyond beautiful: The antique Chinese screen, the pink peonies, the bright painting, the turquoise Balinese pot. Then the following photos: The memo chandelier and the tattered rug. The art, the flowers, the white floor, more pink. Bliss!!

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In an effort to keep magazines and newspapers from taking over my house, yard and garage, I started clipping my favorite articles and pictures for an inspiration file about five years ago. Now, the file has grown to (at least) several boxes. I wanted to give you a little look inside.

Here are some of the things I pulled out randomly today: A story from the New York Times magazine on lipstick queen Poppy King; A photograph of colored shirts (Great Gatsby, anyone?) in Real Simple; My dream desk, flanked by books and Hermes boxes; There’s an Elle magazine book page, which is always excellent. The Prince of Frogtown by Rick Bragg is featured. (Bragg once asked me out on a date, many moons ago); There’s a picture of Hayden Panettiere in the ultimate Burberry coat and an inspiration board featured in the April 2008 issue of Domino magazine (don’t get me started on how much I already miss Domino); From Bazaar, there’s a Fashionable Life profile of Isabel Toledo. And my favorite: A watercolor of a pink coat (from a review of “Drawing Fashion: The Art Kenneth Paul Block.”) As usual my eye is drawn to anything pink.

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The Last Domino

Feb 13, 2009

The last Domino magazine arrived today in the post. Very sad. 

(Photo credit: from the “Merge, Purge, Compromise” article.  Previous Domino photos here.)

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