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Fête des Lumières

Every year on the 8th of December the city of Lyon, France celebrates the Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières).

It began in the 17th century – during a particularly horrible plague the city council swore to pay tribute to Mary if their town was spared. The town lives, and so does the festival in Mary’s honor.

Citizens traditionally light candles in the windows of their homes, and in addition to the religious lighting displays, there are many professional, municipal installations.

It looks like every type of light can be found somewhere in the city. From fires to huge floodlights to lasers to digital projection onto the building facades.

Not surprisingly, the festival has become a huge tourist draw, they were expecting over 4 million people at the four day event this year.

All these photos are from this year’s festival. The variety of displays is amazing.

The city is beautiful all year long, but during the festival it literally shines.

I have never been, but every year I look at the photos and sigh…

Have a lovely Tuesday,

Sarah from Design Flourishes


all images from the official Fête des Lumières website

Delightful Windows

As the weather gets colder and fall draws to a close, I find these incredibly realistic dioramas by Patrick Jacobs a wistful reminder of warmer days.

Each diorama is set into the gallery wall and viewed through a glass window. Some of the scenes are super tiny (3 inches or less) some are slightly larger, but all of them are peaceful, idealized landscapes.

I love the feeling of peeking into another world.

The longer I live in a city, the more I feel like the outside world, nature, is under lock and key, and I feel lucky to catch a glimpse of it.

Have a beautiful Tuesday,

Sarah from Design Flourishes


all images from Patrick Jacobs’ website

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Each year National Geographic Traveler Magazine holds a photography contest. This year there were entries from over 6,615 photographers and 152 countries. The winners are posted now, and they are amazing.

First Place - Butterfly by Cedric Houin. This image was shot in the Kyrgyz lands of the Wakhan Corridor.
Second Place Winner - My Balloon by Vo Anh Kiet, shot in Moc Chau, Son La province, Vietnam.

Looking at these beautiful photos of far away places, makes my wandering foot itch. I love nothing more than the sense of excitement, that feeling that anything can happen, that you get when you land in a new place.

Merit Winner - The Village of Gásadalur by Ken Bower. The village of Gásadalur and the island of Mykines in the background.
Merit Winner - Looking into Another World Photo by Fred An, a shot of the great Japanese maple tree in the Portland Japanese Gardens.
Merit Winner -Underwater Surf by Lucia Griggi, this image was taken at an outer reef in Fiji.
Viewers' Choice Winner - Huset by Michelle Schantz , taken in Finnmark, Norway.

It is amazing how diverse and beautiful our world is. When we are stuck in our own private grinds we sometimes forget that. Traveling is a great way to remind us, even planning a trip can make the most mundane of days glow a little bit.

Merit Winner -Lost in Time - An Ancient Forest by Ken Thorne, taken in a sacred Baobab forest, near the city of Morondava, on the West coast of Madagascar

Wherever your road take you…

Happy Trails,

Sarah from Design Flourishes

all images from the National Geographic Traveler Magazine website

PS – Pamela over at Sweet Peach has been writing about her trip to Italy and Wow – I know Italy is a slam dunk pretty much any time, but her stories so make me want to be there.

Sign language

Hello dear friends, it’s Naomi Bulger of Messages in Bottles here.

Recently I came across the blog of photographer Nirrimi Firebrace, and it has been haunting me ever since. There is something so incredibly touching, raw and intimate about her photography.

Nirrimi is so young. But by just 19 she had already found love, travelled the world, forged an international career, and given birth to a baby girl, Alba.

And I was struck by the contrast between her words and her images. Her words are every bit what you would expect of a young woman just beginning to find her path in the world.

But her images! Her eye is that of an old soul. I keep coming back to these photographs, again and again. Soft, natural light. Unexpected crops. Stolen moments.

This afternoon I sat with my father, also a photographer, and looked through image after image in one of Nirrimi’s posts, trying to figure out what it was that so spoke to my soul.

“The hands,” he said. “Look what the hands are doing. Here. And here. And here.”

He was right. In frame after frame, hands told a piece of a story. Sign language. Take a look here, and tell me what you think.

Flocks of Blue Butterflies

I am so excited about this installation idea. Tasha Lewis made 400 butterflies with small, powerful magnets mounted on the underside. All summer she has been placing them on metal surfaces all over Indianapolis and photographing the resulting flock.

She used an antiquated photographic process called cyanotype, to create the vivid Prussian Blue of the paper butterflies.The magnets she uses are small enough that she can place her butterflies all over a sculpture and not damage it at all.

This is ephemeral street art. As much as I like her work juxtaposed with older, larger sculptures, my favorite photos are in random public spaces.

This one is in a grocery store.

I love the idea of running into a flock of butterflies in the market – or on a staircase railing.

Beautiful and so much fun too!

All images from Tasha Lewis’s blog Guerilla Sculpture she has lots more photos over there – go take a look.

have a lovely, fluttery Tuesday,

Sarah from Design Flourishes


The water is a friend of mine.

I love floating in the waves or under the still water. It makes me feel graceful.

All the cares of the world can literally float off my shoulders as the water envelopes me.

These beautiful photos are so clear and at the same time a little fuzzy in the best way. They conjure up the slow, silky feeling of falling into cool, welcoming water.

This beautiful series is a collaboration between South African fashion designer Joel Jansen vanVuuren, art director and model Elsa Bleda, photographer Ilse Moore, and makeup artist Liezl Zene Oberholzer.

The photographs capture the experience of floating and the gracefulness the water imparts so well. I can almost feel my hair swirling around me.


have a lovely Tuesday,

Sarah from Design Flourishes

all photos from Joel Janse van Vuuren’s website

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Antipodean dispatch: Sydney street art

I thought I’d share with you some photographs today from my old home town of Enmore in Sydney, Australia. Street artists have made every corner and laneway an experience like walking through an ever-changing gallery.

What do you love about your neighbourhood?

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